"LTAT's Success, Benefits Members of the Armed Forces"

1. What is LTAT?

Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera, is a statutory body established by an Act of Parliament, TAT Act 1973 (Act 101) to provide retirement and other benefits to members of the other ranks in the Armed Forces (compulsory contributors) and to enable officers and mobilised members of the volunteer forces in the service to participate in a saving scheme.

2. Who is the Compulsory Contributor?

LTAT's compulsory contributors are the serving members of the other ranks in the Armed Forces who are required to contribute 10% of their monthly salary to LTAT with the government as employer contributing 15%. The total amount credited monthly is equivalent to 25% of the monthly salary.

3. Who is the Voluntary Contributor?

Voluntary Contributors are officers in the Armed Forces including commissioned officers and mobilised members of the volunteer forces with a minimum contribution of RM25.00 at a multiple of RM5.00 to a maximum of RM2,000.00 monthly.

There will be no contributions from the government and those who are interested can apply to participate in the saving scheme.

4. What are the main benefits of being Compulsory and Voluntary Contributors?

  • Contributors will receive annual dividend and bonus which will be credited to the members account by end of the year and contributors will also receive special bonus in the form of free unit trust shares. However, this special bonus is based on LTAT’s current financial performance.
  • Dividends and bonuses that are credited to the contributors' account will qualify for future dividend and bonuses declared.
  • Contributions to LTAT is tax deductible (up to RM6,000.00 per year).
  • Death & Disablement benefits will be paid to the dependents of a contributor who passes away whilst in service.
  • Withdrawal of contributions will be paid in a lump sum.
  • Partial withdrawal is allowed for purchase of the first residential house or land for building a house.

5. What other benefits are given to the contributors?

LTAT always strives to identify new benefits to be given to the contributors, family and their next of kin.

Some of the additional benefits provided are:

  • LTAT- YWP (Yayasan Warisan Perajurit) Education Excellence Award (AKP LTAT-YWP) provides educational assistance in the form of scholarships to children of ATM personnel in UPSR, PT3 , SPM and enrolled in university, while the children of former ATM for UPSR and PT3. In addition, the foundation also provides scholarships for "Role Model" and Sponsorship Learning Program called " Tutor Online" for the eldest child of other ranks (LLP) who earn 3A 2B or 3A 1B 1C in the UPSR and has potential in order to become an example (role Model ) for other family members .
  • Low cost houses offered to the personnel of the Armed Forces / retired personnel developed by LTAT group.
  • Wira Niaga Award (with the cooperation of Affin Bank Berhad, PERHEBAT and Boustead Holdings Berhad).

LTAT will continue to identify new benefits from time to time.

6. How to become a compulsory contributor?

Serving members of the other ranks in the Armed Forces will automatically be a contributor when they enroll in the Armed Forces. Deductions will be made on members' monthly salary and the contribution amount will be forwarded by UGAT to LTAT on monthly basis.

7. How to become a voluntary contributor?

Officers and mobilised members of the volunteer forces can participate as voluntary contributor by filling up an application form which is available free at (i) LTAT office (ii) download from the LTAT website at (iii) e-kiosks located at main camps. UGAT will be adviced to process monthly deduction on payroll and to forward the monthly contribution to LTAT.

8. How long does it take for an application to be approved?

  • For the compulsory contributor, membership is automatic as members are enrolled in regular service and the monthly contribution is forwarded to LTAT by UGAT.
  • For the voluntary contributors, application will be approved immediately when LTAT received the application (subject to limitation of 2 times as a voluntarily contributors) and will be effective when the contributions are forwarded to LTAT by UGAT.

9. Does LTAT distribute annual statement to contributors?

LTAT distribute statement of monthly contribution to contributors twice a year through Khidmat Hantaran Semboyan (KHS) based on unit code furnished to LTAT by UGAT.

  • Half Yearly Statement ending 30th Jun which is inclusive of the contributions from January to June.
  • Annual Statement ending 31st December which comprised of the cumulative contribution from January to December for the year inclusive of the dividend and bonus credited.
  • Statement for other ranks who are commissioned officers will be issued upon request.

10. How will the payment be made?

Payment will be made via credit transfer to the contributors’ bank account of choice. Listed are the 15 banks that have been appointed as the panel bank for LTAT:

Bank Code
Bank Name
Bank Code
Bank Name
Public Bank
RHB Bank
Bank Rakyat
Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd
Bank Simpanan Nasional
Alliance Bank
Bank Muamalat
EON Bank
Standard Chartered
Hong Leong Bank    

11. What are the documents required to cash the cheque?

A contributor can present the following documents to any of the Affin Bank Berhad branches: - 

  • Identity card of the contributor or next of kin/beneficiary.


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