i-Wira Activation Guide

Enter the following URL in your Internet browser (Recommended browser: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)

Display as below will appear;

Click on “LOG MASUK” button

Display as below will appear;

Click ‘Pendaftaran i-Wira’

Display as below will appear;

Fill in all the required details and press ‘Daftar’ button.

No Tentera – your current Army Number (without T etc.)

Emel – your active and regular email address.

Secure Word – any words not less than 5 letters and not more than 20 characters without a ‘special character’. 
SecureWord is an additional confirmation used by the i-Wira system to verify that the login page is the original i-Wira page. You are required to enter your SecureWord (any words) during the registration of the i-Wira that has been updated. The next login will display your SecureWord. Your SecureWord is NOT your i-Wira Password. DO NOT set your SecureWord just like Password / your army number! 

Kata Laluan – enter the password of your choice.
Password length is at least 8 characters or more and needs to meet the following 4 character types: Capitalization [ABC], lowercase [abc], number [123] and symbol [@ # $] 

Sah Kata Laluan – re-enter the same password for verification.

After click the ‘Daftar’ button, a link will be sent to the email address entered.

ATTENTION: Please make sure your account has been activated to use this system. System can not be used (can not log in) until it is activated.

Display as below will appear;

Log in to e-mail and click the link/button to activate i-Wira. (also check in the ‘SPAM/JUNK folder’

* If no email is received within 5 minutes after the above message appear, please contact us as information below;
Email: wira[at]ltat.gov.my
Telephone: 1-300-38-5828

*If the link is not clickable, please select the link, copy and paste it into the address bar on the internet browser and press Enter.
*The link sent to this email is only active for 24 hours after the ‘Daftar’ button is clicked.

i-Wira has been activated and ready to use.

*If there is any problem regarding the activation of i-Wira, please contact us as below;

Email: wira[at]ltat.gov.my
Telephone: 1-300-38-5828